Traveler Profile and Level of Adventure

All the articules and travel guides of Global Frame are designed in agreement to the photographic aims of the same ones as well as to the own characteristics of the visited territory. For this motive not all the trips are suitable for any person, or answer adequately to the expectations or needs that our readers and followers could present in a certain moment.

To help identify if a trip is suitable or not for each type of profile, we have elaborated a classification so that it is easy and rapid to recognize its properties and to obtain useful information like the user’s profile, as well as the degree of adventure of the same. This way, and almost at the same time, it is possible to know if a trip or destination is aligned according to his expectations or, if on the contrary, it would be better to be left for another moment. The criterion that Global Frame has followed is simple enough and it is described as follows:

Traveler Profile

  • Amateur. People who like to travel but without suffering scarcely scares, who want to enjoy a good level of comfort and stability visiting related and near territories to their normally life.
  • Medium. Comfort lovers but at the same time opened to experiment without too many scares and almost in a controlled form, experiences that are not accustomed living in their every day life.
  • Expert. This profile is shaped by the travelers with a wide baggage and a great collection of “notches” in their suitcase in the shape of visited territories. Are persons for who to experience “inconvenient” housings is not a problem, live encamped in the middle of the jungle, and they don’t matter to resign the luxury and the comfort if the visited territory deserves it.

Level of Adventure

  • Low. This term is not synonymous of boring, when we refer to a typology of calm trip, especially to a related territory the traveler is accustomed to live in, that guards important similarities.
  • Medium. This area includes those territories that, though they present similarities with the place in which the traveler lives, have components that are capable of representing a shock with what the habitually above mentioned traveler knows in his every day life.
  • High. In this case, we speak about a trip designed in agreement to a few parameters that turn into a real challenge, in a cultural shock (in the good sense), that makes it attractive to the eyes of those who want to experience different sensations (very different from those he live in the territory he is accustomed to live in).

Since it is obvious, this classification is just a structure that obeys an attempt for qualifying our published contents, as any aspect of life, is exposed to the unforseeable thing and, therefore, it is capable of turning what was looking like a slightly risky and calm trip, into a odyssey and vice versa. Nevertheless, we think that it is a good starting point from which to approach in an as objective as possible way, to the analysis of the trip and destination that from Global Frame we propose you.