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Why Join our Online Travel Photography Community?

Because we want our readers who identify and participate most in the Global Frame mission to be able to become an active part of a Club, of a community. In short, so they can share common interests and contribute to the construction of an ecosystem of knowledge about art, photography and travel to everyone that has access to it, and from which ultimately everyone can benefit.

We yearn to learn. In order to do so, we require support from avid community members to create a space of ideas with people that, like us, want to stimulate their gaze by immortalising places and destinations with a camera. Join the Community and play an important role in Global Frame´s history.

Members get access to a wide range of accommodations and even make and manage reservations.

Members are able to browse and review Tours, not only photography tours, but adventure tours, expeditions, scuba diving tours, luxury tours, etc. Members are able to make and manage reservations as well.

Community Membership Benefits

By joining our online community you´ll be able to do several things related to travel and photography fields. Here are the main benefits (*) of being a part of our community:

  • Explore and share points of interest in a world map that includes photographic travel destinations.
  • Publish your favorite pictures and let other users rate, share or even comment them.
  • New Business listings: Browse and Review tours of several travel agencies and companies around the world.
  • New Business listings: Browse and Review travel and photography products.
  • New Business listings: Browse and Review accommodations of several hotels around the world.
  • Participate in Photo, Blog or Video Contests and earn great awards.
  • Create and manage your own travel photography Blog.
  • Create and attend to Events.
  • New Follow the official pages of a wide range of brands and companies related to travel and photography realm.
  • Join groups related to travel photography, publish topics in their exclusive forums or participate in the conversation.
  • Join our forums. Publish questions and get answers from other members about matters related to travel and photography.
  • Take advantage of discounts, coupons and promotions that our partners could make to our members exclusively.
  • Access to our Loyalty Program Rewards: Earn loyalty credits only by interact in our community (by uploading photos, publishing comments, etc.). You can redeem this credits by acquiring for FREE official merchandising products, equipment, coupons, etc.
  • Manage your favorite social network profile within our community (social media profile like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.).
  • Share your content with your other social network profiles.
  • Support and collaborate with non profit organizations that promotes charity initiatives around the world.
  • ...And many other things that we expect to launch in the next few months...

(*) Some benefits and features are only available for Premium subscriptions. Please check the comparison table to take a look to Standard and Premium features.

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