Become an Author

Are you a Travel Photographer? At Global Frame, we want to build knowledge collectively. To do this, we wish to weave a network of photographers whose experience can help us to publicise the largest possible number of destinations and places that are worthy of being immortalised photographically. We also want them to contribute to stimulating the reader’s view, thus allowing them to see the artistic side of a photograph.

What does being an author mean?

Those who become members of the Global Frame team will make up a project that depends on significant support for its diffusion. An initiative that is supported by a well-known brand whose goal is nothing less than aspiring to build a quality space. Quality in all aspects, starting of course with the contents but also paying attention to other aspects like design, the use of new technology, etc., in order to lean towards a demanding user profile with high aspirations.

This publication wishes to forge an ecosystem of knowledge built on the base and experience of a large team of people; people whose qualified vision contributes to providing a truly unique experience to our readers.

Travel Photographer profile

Global Frame selects photographers with sound training and experience in the art of expressing “the decisive moment”. Creative, extensively travelled people with knowledge of art and photographic techniques. In short, professionals that are capable of providing a highly-qualified point of view that is easily transmitted to our readers in the form of value.

What content can an author publish?

  • Travel Photography guidebooks.
  • Travel Photography articles within our blog and community.

Contact us and become a Global Frame Travel Photographer.