About us

Global Frame is made up of a multi-disciplinary team of people whose collective affinity is their passion for art and travel photography. We are a group of photographic, journalistic, marketing and travel professionals who aspire to construct an ecosystem of knowledge and exchange of ideas about how to convert a trip into a truly unique experience, through the exploration of territories and by using a camera as the instrument of communication.

Global Frame´s Aim

Everybody knows that every destination, country and city has its own iconic landmarks that form the basis of the conventional visitors itinerary. Nonetheless, in addition to all these icons, there are other places that, although they are less frequented, have a unique attraction: a space that all photography lovers wish to and must visit, whether they are an amateur or a professional.

Therefore, we want to address in detail the photographic objectives of each destination, pointing out its virtues and qualities so that anyone with photographic interests can make the most of an experience that aims to be unforgettable. Besides the mere tourist areas, we want to address aspects like the culture and customs of the destination in question, what should or should not be photographed because it goes against the culture of the area, for example, and what precautions we recommend taking or what equipment you should take, etc.

In short, the widest and most practical collection of those elements, behaviours and aspects that a photographer must know about a destination or particular place.

All of it is analysed from the view of professional photographers that know the area well, and who are going to provide access to unique knowledge via their experience.

Much more than travel photography

Global Frame also wants to stimulate the gaze of those who wish to immortalise places and destinations with a camera. It is for this reason that our publication has a series of contents and sections whose purpose is to contribute to the forging of a style and an observation ability that could be applied when our reader is faced with the “snap” of a particular scene.